You know how it is family; you meet someone, have a lot in common with this person, the two of you are having a blast, and then something triggers your red flag signals. You begin to see the signs you missed, and the veil is lifted. You feel like a fool and search for ways to disconnect from this person and cut the soul tie. Realizing they were sent as a lesson and the romantic relationship should have been severed many months or years ago. 

Audio Time Stamps: 

  • 00:00:00- Intro
  • 00:01:48- Goddam, I'm in love with the wrong m'fer.
  • 00:02:32- I felt like a whole asshole.
  • 00:07:18- My family tried to warn me and giving yourself grace.
  • 00:12:28- Return to sender & wolves in sheep's clothing.
  • 00:14:20- It's fun until it's not & ignoring the red flags.
  • 00:23:35-Continuously falling for the b.s.
  • 00:24:36- I wish my husband would.
  • 00:29:14- Yeah, it hurts, but I had to touch it anyway.
  • 00:31:01- Friend, you don't really want a solution.
  • 00:36:06- Human love is so conditional.
  • 00:37:28- The lessons hurt like a m'fer; but you'll grow out of it.
  • 00:40:46- Benediction

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