What do you need to feel validated? 

Is it a booming career, being in a relationship, or buying a new luxury whip???

In this episode, the ladies discuss times in their lives when they've felt most validated; whether it was finishing a degree, getting married, or hittin the gym to get in shape. 

The convo really gets juicy when one of the ladies says she feels most validated when giving oral sex to her man. Shit goes all of the way left at this point and somehow the BWH convo turns into a sex ED lesson about clitoral stimulation and throwing up on the D*ck.

The ladies reel themselves back in and end the convo with easy tips to help you stay focused on healthy eating and upping your fruit and veggie game. Remember y'all, cleanse your personal spaces with palo santo, eat healthy whole foods, release that built-up sexual energy, and let them cheeks clap ladies; it's sundress season.

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