Unfortunately, we are in the age of technology, and because of this, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get grounded spiritually. In this episode, the ladies discuss being in alignment with your spiritual and highest self. 

The ladies also share how they know when to "tap out" of societal distractions. Some of those spiritual red flags discussed are anxiety, impulsiveness, and being easily irritated. Living in a world that wants you to feed into their continual shit show makes being a spiritual person tricky.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00:00- Intro
  • 00:05:39-Family Shoutouts
  • 00:09:28-What's the vibe catchup.
  • 00:10:48-Mercury retrograde and astrological shit.
  • 00:16:28-Pregnancy dreams and the spiritual meaning.
  • 0023:33:-You worried about how I changed, but why are you still the same?
  • 00:25:13-Unplugging from the matrix and when to tap out.
  • 00:34:08-Tap out of social media, the media, and other societal distractions.
  • 00:36:08-Introverts vs. Extroverts and the spiritual effects.
  • 00:40:48-Crystals, Geodes, and getting grounded.
  • 00:46:48-Numerical Synchronicities and angel numbers.
  • 01:01:44- Spiritual shit tarot card pull.
  • 01:05:38-Benediction & Shenanigans

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