Are you in a place spiritually where everything is okay on the surface level but, you're having difficulty tuning in spiritually? Yeah, us too! In this episode, the ladies discuss how it feels to not feel connected to God/Source/Universe for a short period or sometimes a long timeframe. What it's like when you feel like you can't tap into your spiritual gifts and you aren't receiving any messages from the other side. How they have and are currently getting through this period, imparting spiritual practices within their children, using the Universe's gift of nature, animals, and plants to get grounded again, and what they believe is happening during this period of silence or disconnection.

They also advise you, family, not to worry about your spouse's/partners spiritual journey/walk, lead by example, it's the greatest teacher. 

Time Stamps:

00:02:55-Welcome Family to the show!

00:05:51-I just need a work Lord, please.

00:07:57-Fine-tuning your spiritual shit.

00:09:27-When the numerical synchronicities be synching.

00:11:28-Animals feeling it.

00:13:55-Working in a peopley environment & the need to get grounded.

00:15:33-Spirit is trying to ground you through nature/plants.

00:18:40-Spiritual practices that keep me grounded as a mom & wife.

00:30:05-I can show my spouse better than I can tell them.

00:32:07-Everyone won't see the vision & connecting with those who. vibrate on the same frequency.

00:40:21-What people say about you, isn't your business & social media is filtered.

00:42:00-Research the roots of your spiritual practices and religion.

00:44:36-Not cutting them soul ties fuck with your spiritual shit too.

00:47:38-Don't beat yourself up, shame & guilt in religious organizations, stay grounded.

00:50:05-We don't have to be perfect at it, for it to be effective.

00:54:40-Spiritual perfectionism that social media portrays and the societal matrix.

00:58:27-Technology is not natural & clearing spiritual stagnation.

01:11:05-Do what works for you without comparison.

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