Have you went through a bad breakup or divorce and thought to yourself, if only I had taken more time to feel out the compatibility and pay attention to the red flags? If so, then today's episode about falling or walking into love is sure to resonate with you.

The ladies of BWH discuss how healing from past relationships can help you find love again by tuning-in to a vibrational frequency that attracts an equally healed partner.  

Time Stamps:

*00:03:42-For the Spiritual Shit of the day, Seleta pulls from the Urban Tarot Deck, and the card "abundance" is pulled. Abundance speaks to us about the joy of having people around you that truly care and celebrate you. It also reminds us to manifest the desires of our hearts and take some time to refill our cup.

*00:16:02-Falling, walking, or two-steppin into love and what true healing looks like.

*00:34:04-Triggers and getting intimate with oneself through the sacral chakra.

*00:45:08-When you know the chemistry is right, corny guys vs. clown-balls.

*00:48:35-Trusting your own judgment outside of societal norms, turn-up culture, and the men 35 yrs+ who have adapted that mentality.

*00:59:54- Setting boundaries with family and friends when you're in a relationship and why the feminist movement is detrimental to relationships and marriage.

*01:04:20- The relationship is the gift, not what's between your legs.

*01:17:56- In closing: heal and don't waste their time, learn to be teachable, make a list of your top 5 attributes/must-haves in a partner.

Important Shit:

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 and we'd appreciate you telling a friend, maybe two!

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