Securing the marital bag

Are you single and wondering how you will handle finances in a relationship or marriage? Are you the financial saver in your relationship, but your partner likes to spend? Do you and your spouse keep your finances separate? Do you maintain a "rainy day" fund?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this episode will surely resonate. The Aunties discuss one of the top reasons couples divorce in America, finances. They delve into ways single people that live with their partner can manage household bills and feeling secure not being the breadwinner in your marriage. Ultimately it's up to you and your partner to figure out what works best for the two of you. Communication and honesty is the key to being equally yoked financially and sustaining a healthy relationship. 

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-00:22:00-Topic Begins

Financial Literacy Companies mentioned in the episode:

-The Wall Street Trapper

-Earn Your Leisure


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