What's the first thing that comes to you when you read/hear the phrase: mind fuck me? Is it the idea of a love interest seducing you through intellectual conversation?

If you're tired of the club scene and local bar, you can attest to the yearning of wanting to deeply connect with a love interest. If you're married or in a long-term relationship, you were probably drawn to your partner because they bared all intellectually.

In this episode, the ladies discuss experiences with former partners and what their current husbands have done to stimulate them beyond the bedroom. They dive into whether single hetero men lack the patience or "know-how" to inspire a woman mentally. Times they've been attracted to someone who was not their usual "type," places single people can meet their intellectual match, and what it's like to be married and sexually aroused by their husbands' intellect.

 Time Stamps:

00:11:45-What comes to mind when you hear: Mind fuck me.

00:14:14-I've always been a personality person.

00:20:00-Culturally exposed men

00:24:14-If your partner is less culturally exposed; show them.

00:29:45-Become comfortable with self, first.

00:37:53-I prefer a man that's intelligent and swaggy.

00:45:29-Sapiosexuals in marriage.

00:48:47- Being equally yoked through intelligence and curiosity.

00:51:49-Lay down your ego and pick up femininity.

00:55:25-How heterosexual men/women present themselves to the world matters.

01:00:03-Sapiosexual weaponry and triggers.

01:11:03-I'm just a lil selfish, gotta check myself.

01:14:57-Nerdy dudes been in.


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