It's the sisterhood for us, but what is it for you? How has your relationship with your mom affected your relationships with other women? Have you endured trauma or suffering that has left your relationships with women tumultuous? The ladies also discuss the importance of making deep connections, allowing the frequency/vibration of others to attract your tribe/s, the root of female competitiveness, the role society plays in our beliefs, and what our friendships deal-breakers are. 

For today's BDE/GPE, Sheena reads us a message she received from an admirer on social media and discusses the mistakes men make when approaching women online. Ashley shares her wisdom on why we should  focus on communication in a marriage, friendship, businessship or any "ship." Cheyenne reminds us that sometimes people do not know how to effectively communicate while Seleta feels it's a lack of emotional intelligence. Monique poses the question, who can you go-to for relationship advice and to vent if no one in your life has a healthy marriage/partnership with good intentions?

Important Shit:

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