With the online world's influence over everyday people, it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain privacy in a world full of over-sharers. What we know to be normal was once inconceivable and unheard of. 

How far is too far when sharing your life online? How do we build safe spaces when censoring notable public figures from the black and brown community is society's way of controlling us? 

In this episode, the ladies discuss censorship, oversharing online, and how to protect our children from forced information their young minds aren't able to comprehend yet.

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 Time Stamps: 

  • 00:00:00- Intro
  • 00:03:18-Censorship and its effects on black voices.
  • 00:08:28-Doing it for the culture.
  • 00:18:48- The sexual grooming of our children.
  • 00:24:20- Is hell really worse than the abuse of children?
  • 00:3703:-Over-sharing and privacy online.

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