Have you ever caught your partner socializing inappropriately, do you use social media as a tool to meet new people and date, or linked up with an old boo?

In this episode, the Aunties discuss the days of MySpace and Black Planet, when things were still simple and we were less emotionally attached to the online world. Their experiences with people approaching them to date online. They also discuss simple and effective ways to conduct yourself online when you're married, single, or in a relationship. Studies show that social media can have lasting effects on romantic relationships in a negative way.

Rest in Eternal Peace Uncle Biz Markie

-00:16:09-Sheena's spiritual cleanse update 

-00:24:00-Is social media killing relationships studies

-00:30:00-Before social media became "deep" or emotionally invested

-00:37:00-Privacy and social media exposing people

-00:44:33-Be mindful of how you use social media

-00:45:55-Y'all ain't tired of looking at ass yet?

-00:56:00-Monetize your social media handles

-01:00:00-Online dating

-01:05:43-Stop wasting one another's time

-01:13:00- Accountability and Community

-01:16:00-Focus on the relationship

-01:30:00-In closing; get offline and be in the world

Studies on Social media and relationships:

-http://www.ibii-us.org/Journals/JESD/V2N2/Publish/V2N2_10.pdf -Institute of Business Intelligence Innovation

 -Oxford academic-https://academic.oup.com/jcmc/article/16/4/511/4067649

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