Are you someone who only shows romance towards your significant other on special occasions you know; stuntin for the gram? What does a romantic gesture look like to you based on your love language or is it even important?

Communication and fertility were the cards that came up on the Spiritual Shit segment of the show today. This is the second episode that communication was pulled from the deck, which is an indication of how important it is. 

The communication card leads the ladies into a discussion about the presence of masculine energy that many modern-day women project in all areas of their lives. For the heterosexual woman seeking love; she's giving off big dick energy which is the opposite of what most men prefer in a life partner. But don't worry, the ladies offer simple and effective ways for you to tap into your divine feminine energy to create balance and heal your traumas.

*00:22:00-Sheena shares some not-so-big dick energy for the week and challenges with dating in the 21st century.

*00:35:00-After a few tangents, the ladies finally discuss what they perceive to be romantic, how often they expect romantic gestures, and holding yourself accountable when you weren't behaving at your best.

*01:04:00-The ladies ask how often should you be having sex with your partner? Sheena, Cheyenne, Ashley, and Seleta all agree that it should be daily, but Mo disagrees, #respectfully.

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