Have you been "burned" by family, do you expect your family to ride or die for you, do you think people actually know when they need further healing, is healing truly attainable in the black and brown communities? The ladies answer these questions and more on this episode of BWH.

  • *00:02:15-Seleta pulls from the moonology oracle deck and a new and exciting start is coming your way. Indications of a new start, new project, or overall positive energies will enter freely and abundantly. If you have been feeling stagnant, this week's reading reminds us that life happens in cycles, and now is the time to wipe the slate clean.

The ladies admit, at some point, they've been burned by family and family will be the first to throw fire at you. Seleta states that she finds closure by telling the other person how she feels and how she was hurt and then moves forward unapologetically. Sheena says that over the years she has stopped expecting anything from family, whether that's supporting her creative projects or just calling to check on her. By now you already know that Ashley's relationships are on a case-by-case basis, lol. 

Cheyenne says that she felt like the "black sheep" of her family growing up because she was raised by her grandparents in her earlier life and her experience with her mother was entirely different from that of her siblings. Monique reminds us that the revolution of black and brown people will not be televised, because healing starts within and we cannot heal our families or this nation until we stand in the mirror and seek it in our communities, first.

Passive-aggressive behaviors seem to be a common theme in this episode and the ladies all agree that getting things out in the air, even if it means relationships being severed. Unhealed trauma is widespread in the black and brown communities; is healing generational curses truly attainable? 

  • *00:04:57- A little COVID talk and how it can affect our spiritual and mental state when there's a pandemic out in these streets.
  • *00:09:58- For our, It's a vibe segment, Seleta suggests Snoh Alegra while Monique busts into a little riff of PJ Morton and JoJo: Say So. Seleta says we all need to take a trip down memory lane & listen to Ying Yang Twins to get our day started, as well as singer Kianna Lede's song: chocolate, which is for damn sure A Vibe. 
  • *00:18:02-BDE/GPDE for the day is emotional Intelligence in intimate relationships and why you should never settle for being a concubine; aim for that "bottom wife" life. The ladies agree that it is not big d*ck energy for a man to have multiple wives and children without his wife's consent. A whole lot of men have toxic d*ck energy and leave women d*ckmatized and sprung. Fellas we hope you know your worth too and are staying away from toxic p*ussy energy.
  • *00:27:55-Is blood thicker than water ya'll?
  • *00:47:35- The Revolution will not be televised because it's in your mind.
  • *00:53:23-Stop blaming others for your unhappiness, know thyself.
  • *00:57:47-Shoutout to the Ancestors.
  • *01:03:53-Black dollars and no unity.
  • *01:06:59-It's time to get uncomfortable with family.

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