In this episode of "BWH-Two Cents," 

the ladies read and respond to a letter from a niece whose identity we'll keep anonymous. She states in the letter that she was dating a man whom mutual friends "hooked her up with." They were exclusive but not official and, everything was going perfectly. 

UNTIL niece links up with an old  friend. The new love interest finds out about it and calls it quits without hesitation. She has been trying to get back in his good graces, but nothing is working. Tune-In to hear all of the fiery tea and advice for niece's entanglement!!!  

Shoutout to Cheyenne's home country of Trinidad and Tobago for helping us chart in the top #100 and #200 multiple times. Thank You, friends, you're appreciated!

*The ladies of BWH are not licensed mental health therapists or counselors.*

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