Are you healing from heartbreak, have experienced heartbreak from a family member, love interest, or friend? If so, then you know that it's some bullshit.

The Ladies of BWH discuss their own experiences with various types of heartbreak and tools they've used to heal. But of course, there are a few tangents in-between. So grab a glass of your favorite wine, bourbon, or rolling papers and relax while listening to your hosts get down and dirty about heartbreak.

Time Stamps:

  • *00:03:44-Spiritual Shit affirmation card of the day and a word for the following sun, moon, or rising signs: Aquarius, Virgo, Scorpio.

*00:10:53-Anticipating sh*t making assumptions.

*00:18:12-Sheena's heartbreak is some bullsh*t experience.

*00:21:18-When you go from loving to hating your partner.

*00:25:25-When heartbreak leads to rebound w/Monique.

*00:30:59-When heartbreak takes you out of character w/Cheyenne.

*00:37:23- Friendship breakups.

*00:40:47-The disappointments.

*00:52:47-The hardships of dating in your 30's and just being honest.

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