Have you ever found yourself in the thick of low self-esteem due to trauma, societal expectations, or moral beliefs?

The ladies delve deep into the topic of overcoming low self-esteem, their experiences, how they overcame it, and the tools they are currently using to attain further healing.

Time Stamps:

*00:01:33-Spiritual Shit Moonology deck and affirmation card for the week

*00:08:00-More spiritual shit

*00:13:29-Not so big di*k energy of the week.

*00:19:41-Low self-esteem and body image.

*00:36:24-Self confidence despite.

*00:42:01-Feeling unworthy.

*00:48:00-Childhood struggles with body image.

*00:50:20-Recognizing negative self-talk.

*01:00:00-Getting help

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Important Shit:

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