Get to know us

Get to know your hosts in this first episode of BWH. The ladies give you a brief introduction of who they are and what you can expect from episodes. The ladies reminisce about when they met each other, their astrological signs, other spiritual shit such as natal charts, and relationship advice if you're married, seeking love, or long term partnership.

Time Stamps:

  • 01:08-Show Segments
  • 02:28-Spiritual Shit Tarot Card Reading
  • 07:32-Seleta
  • 09:50-Cheyenne
  • 11:37-Sheena
  • 13:00-Ashley
  • 16:48-Monique
  • 19:36-The Birth of Black Women Healing
  • 28:46-Natal Charts & Astrological Compatibility
  • 35:52-Pick up the phone when your "calling" is calling
  • 40:04-Race In America
  • 42:49-Are we in this marriage or love thing together or nah?
  • 51:17: What the fuck are we doing? (relationships)
  • 57:05-Can we normalize being loved without the struggle, please?
  • 01:02:43-In Closing

Important Shit:

-Write to us anonymously at with your questions, topic ideas, or letters about your life experiences for a possible feature on the show. 

-Follow on IG

- Email Seleta to get your Natal Chart reading.

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