Black girl daddy drama

Do you have a strenuous relationship with your father? Are there unanswered questions of the past that could potentially help you heal your daddy issues?

In this episode, the ladies discuss what it's like to have a broken or nonexistent bond with their dads. Also, what it's like to grow up with a father at home. Many factors come into play of what causes these connections to be dysfunctional or arduous. Sometimes our mothers are partially to blame. In other instances, a father simply lacks the emotional intelligence to love his children based on his own traumas.

Maybe you had a great relationship with your dad, and you admire him the way others wish they could; the ladies also share what that's like too. Whatever your relationship with your father looks like, BWH wants you to know that you're not alone. Unfortunately, black families in America have suffered extreme tragedies and trauma over many years. Does that excuse the bad behavior of mothers and fathers; hell no, but we have a ton of work to do and, we hope you'll join in on the movement to Stay Busy Healing.

Time Stamps:

00:05:54-Topic Begins

00:10:50- Wtf are we supposed to do?

00:14:05-Settle tf down heart; have a conversation with your old man

00:17:00-Shoutout to the grandma's of the world

00:18:05-Why can't parents just be honest?

00:21:29-You can't miss what you've never had

00:33:04-The father who shows up for his kids

00:38:00-The emotionally unavailable father

00:52:41-When unhealed manifests; healing your inner child

01:00:18-Stop with the family secrets

01:06:40-Spiritual Shit 


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