Has the feminist movement destroyed the feminine power of the modern-day woman, do women operate with too much masculine energy, can women learn to be submissive to attract their ideal life-partner?

The ladies take a deep-dive into examining how cultural, moral, and societal beliefs play a major role in how women operate in their feminine energy. Can today's educated, successful, and independent woman learn to be vulnerable to attract her ideal mate? 

Learning to be grounded and self-aware is a lifetime journey that takes time and unlearning. The ladies all agree that they do not have an issue with being submissive and feeling safe with a man who knows how to lead.

Time Stamps:

*00:03:55-For the Spiritual Shit of the day, Seleta pulls from the Urban Tarot Deck, and the card is the "5 of wands" and the word "strife." The number five represents change and strife is  often a sign of change coming to uproot you from complacency. Take small actionable and attainable goals to reach your full potential.

*00:16:29-Personal experiences of balance between feminine and masculine energy as an A-type woman in workplaces and personal life.

*00:44:29-Society's superficial beliefs about what's feminine.

*00:47:45-Learning to switch between feminine and masculine for personal and work life.

*00:57:04-Is being vulnerable worth it, are we scared of rejection, and F*ck societal norms.

*01:10:18- Be vulnerable without expectations.

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